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The Current Hacks

In this article we will provide information about the hacks where you can take the advantage of them in order to have more fun while playing game however sadly we will not be able to provide many hacks to you for now since the game itself is very young game and developers still need more time in order to work on the hacks they are developing.

But we have good news which is many talented developers are working on the hacks. It seems like they liked the game a lot just like you and us. For now there are only two mods which are clean and we have already shared both of them on our website in our mods category. It is possible to visit these articles and download the hacks and play on that servers with other millions of people from all around the world.

As game is very new game, there is only few hacks such as zoom hack. Some of the mods offer features such as stopping your ball however these types of hacks are not worthy in the game since other players are able to cross the areas you own. This will mean that any player can easily reach to your ball or trap you in their own regions which will mean that you will be eliminated.

Some of the players do not like to use the hacks with the idea that they will have unfair advantage but it is impossible since every one on the mods servers have the same advantage. These hacks will only include some additional features to the original game in a different server.

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