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In the event that you have played any other io game before then you probably know what the mods are but for those who do not know that the mods for let us provide a brief explanation. The mods or any mods of any games will allow you to have additional features which are not originally developed by the developers of the game. mods allow you to play on private servers where everyone playing on the same server will have the same advantages in terms of the additional features. They can be considered as the new games which are same with the mechanics but have different features which are also known as the hacks on the internet. If you may like the idea to use the mods than keep reading.

Since game is a quite new game when considered with the old io games players do not have that much choice in terms of the mods like or Right now there are only two working mods on the internet developed by skillful developers and has thousands of players. Of course you can find more with a small search however you will realize that rest of the mods have nothing to offer you apart from playing on a different server.

We are closely following the mods in order to offer you as soon as they will be published by the developers. It will not be logical to play on private servers which does not offer any additional features. You can play the game on the original servers which have more players than the private servers in these cases.

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