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Since the game become viral on the internet and began to be prefferd by millions of people where almost all of them already become addicted to it, most of the developers began to develop mods. So far only two of them managed to complete their mods and launched them after the tests made. It is quite fun to play and you can easily increase the amount of the fun you get from the game by using the mods.

In the event that you are willing to download and install these mods you can use our mods category to reach those mods. Each article contains a detailed description of the mod as well as teach you how you can download and install them on your browsers. Don’t be afraid if you are not a tech savvy person since it will only take few minutes for those who do not get on well with the computers well and those who already downloaded and installed any type of mods before, will only spend 5 seconds to run the mods.

The game is quite fun game where you are trying to claim lands for yourself. The more land you will have will mean that the more points you will have. However keep in mind that other players are able to cross on your lands and claim them when you are not around. You play through your arrow keys and in the event that you will find a chance to cross on the line of any other opponent, you will eliminate them by forcing to start playing from the start. We believe that this game will be the new of online gaming world.

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