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Haven’t you play the which is an online game that is played by millions of people all over the world. What makes game different from the other fun online io games is the uniq gameplay and the concept that the game has. You need to capture as much boxes as you can with your little ball character. But your job will not be easy as you might think because if anyone hits the line you are drawing in order to capture an area, you lose the game and start from the beginning. Because all of theese, you must have understood why playing with hacks is prefered more. 

With several mods you can find on the web with a search, you can make much more fun of the game, by having several advantages, additional features and extras such as zooming, skins, bots, skills and more. We strongly advise you to try, you will be addicted after a few plays anyway. One last thing: if you have any lag problems during the games in the moded servers, change your internet connection to a more stable one in order to reduce the lag. 

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