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Download the App for More Fun

The New App game is played by millions of people on the internet and developers decided to make it available on the mobile platform through the app. Since the app is quite new there may be some bugs on it and this is the main reason we do not recommend it to players for now untill all of the bugs will be eliminated by the developers. Otherwise you may get mad by being eliminated when you have one of your highest score while you are playing the game.

Also keep in mind that you may experience some lag while you are playing the game through the app. This is highly because of your unstable internet connection and you may need to connect to your Wi-Fi. It should be noted that it will be much more challenging to play through a app since you will have limited control on your moves thanks to the touch screen of your mobile devices. You can always have better scores while you are playing the game on your web browser when compared with the app.

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