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Everything About the Controls

The Controls game is one of the most played online web browser based games on the intenet and there are millions of people who are playing the game. The controls are quite easy however since the concept of the game is a little bit different than the regular io games those who will start to play game may be a little bit confused at the first sight. But you do not have to worry since we are here for you to inform you about all of the details regarding the controls.

You will have to use your arrow keys in order to control your small ball as the controls while you are playing the game. Of course these controls will be much diversified in case you will take the advantage of some specific mods. Most of the mods include hacks where you will have to use additional keys or your mouse in order to use these hacks. Let us know in case there is something that you wonder about the controls by leaving a comment to this article.

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