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Having the most unique gameplay, is one of the most prefered online io games among the others. Of course, the main reason for game to be prefered this much than the other fun online io games is the unique gameplay and extremely easy controls, which creates a magnificent game logic which is very easy to understand and which offers players a different competence environment. In short, you will try to capture as much boxes as you can in the servers you play in order to reach the highest point. But if any opponent hits you in the line you are drawing in order to capture the boxes, you lose the game and start from beginning.

Sounds mad right? Search the web under the title of download and find a secure download link that you are sure that will not attack you with malware. After you have found a download link and played the game, you can also try mods which we can consider as alternative games with the hacks they have. These mods offer players a much more different experience with several additional features and extras.

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