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When become so popular especially around those who love to play games while working many developers began to develop new mods and the amount of the modded servers are increasing in each day. We have already shared the two most popular modded servers in our website where you can reach those informaiton from our mods category. There will be new mods added to this category as soon as the developers complete their mods and test them.

Playing with modded servers have some advtanges such as you will be able to use additional features where the game does not include as default. For instance vision means lots of things in game and the original game does not have any zoom option. However whenever you will play on any modded servers which support the zoom feature you will be able to use this zoom hack with the help of your mouse wheel.

In this way you will be more aware about your surroundings and act in accordingly. You will be able to see who is crossing on your lands in order to claim them on behalf of themselves with the help of the modded servers and you can cross their line to eliminate them or get their lands while they are busy with yours. game is well balanced game which is hard to increase in points when compared with the overall score however this makes the game unique and fun to play. If you are looking for a game to spend some time then we can guarantee that you will not regret by giving a chance to play

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