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How to Mod Download?

Learn How to Mod Download

Since game became very popular and it is increasing the amount of its players in each passing day, many developers began to develop some mods for the original game. But most of the players do not know the mod download methods. In this article we will provide a brief information about what you need to do for mod download and how you can play the game on the moded servers.

First of all you have to know the name of your browser you are using. You can see it on the shortcut of your browser as default as you can prefer to download another browser only for the mod download too. Once you will determine on your browser you will have to add an add-on on it in order to download and run the mod script. This add-on is known as the Tampermonkey and you can find the download link of it on the articles we have shared on the mods category together with the links of the mods.

Once you will download and install this add-on to your browser the only thing that you will have to do for the mod download is to find a mod script and download it. When you will reflesh the page after you install it, you will complete the mod download and play on these servers.

The mod download is a very simple process and it works for all of the mods in any type of game which is played through the browsers. Let us know if you get any error y leaving a comment to this article so we can help you.


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