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Is It Worth to Play Splixio?

Should You Play Splixio?

Probably you have already heard the splixio game which is developed by the developers of slitherio and agario. In fact, the developers developed many games after slitherio but one of them could be as popular as splixio. Maybe this is because splixio game has totally new concept where you never grow in size or you try to do something to collect the foods that are located on the map. Rather than these you will try to claim territories for yourself in splixio game.



p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt”>You start playing splixio as a small ball with a unique color to yourself. It is not possible to decide on your color before you start playing. Splixio game randomly gives a color to players who start playing. You need to use your arrow keys on your keyboard in order to give directions to your small ball. The more territory you will have will mean the more points you will earn. Just like slitherio, you are trying to rank in the top 10 list. However other players are able to cross on your lands and get what you have.


You have to look out for them to not lose lots of points. In the event that you realize someone is crossing on your land, you will have two things to do; first one is you can try to cross the line which he leaves behind. In this way you will eliminate that player. The second one is you can cross to his lands and get more than he gets.

In order to claim a land in splixio you have to turn back to your lands after you travel a certain amount of distance. When you came back to your lands, the area which will be left inner side of your line will be yours.

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