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Is There Any App?

The App

As becoming more popular in each passing day many people began to wonder is there any app on the application markets of the operating systems of smart phones such as Android and iOS. Well, sadly the app is not available for any market at any country yet. Even there is no official announcement made by the developers of the game however it will be possible to be launched in few weeks. As you know both and did not used to have application when they were firstly released.

The developers do not pay effort to launch applications until their game becomes popular. So we believe that app will be released soon since it almost has the same graphics with the when it is compared with the first weeks of the game.

But until the official app will be launch you can keep playing the game through your computers which is more advantageous when compared with the mobile devices. First of all you do not experience lag issues since you have a better internet connection on your computer and you can also play on a wider screen where your eyes get tired less.

Since these games are browser based games and it is much more easy to have a control on your balls by playing through computer you can always have better scores than a regular app on the markets.

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