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Join the Madness with Bots Bots for Game

The game is the new phenomeon of the internet and it is possible to have more fun with bots in those times which you have to pause the game but cannot due to the nature of the game. In the event that you are willing to be part of game with bots which could manage to be the new trend with its increasing players, you can start playing through our website. The game is ready to be played on our website and you can simply reach to the game from the top menu of our website.

This new game has many new features and totally different mechanics although some of the gaming logic remained the same. You will increase no lag problems thanks to our advanced servers.

We will be trying our best in order to provide the best bots however since the game launched a few weeks ago, our developer team is still working to create best artificial intelligence for the bots. We use the optimized software in order to prevent any possible crash and lag problems for you to let you play without any interruption. In the event that you are willing to give a shot to game then you can start playing it now!


We bet you will really like this new game and learn more about it in order to delevop new strategies. Right now none of the developers could manage to develop bots which are worth to publish on web and we are still working on it. Do not forget to follow us on a daily basis in order to get the latest bots before anyone else because soon we will be realasing one of them that will allow you to increase your score as fast as possible.

Did you tried If so let us know what you are thinking about this popular online browser based game by leaving a comment to this article.


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