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Most Common Lag Problems

Causes of Lag

In the event that you are experiencing lag while you are playing the game then this is highly because of your hardware in your computer or your poor internet connection. Some of the people claim that the lag problems are due to the crowded servers however the developers of the io games announced that they appoint the free servers on the other games to the game.

It was something to blame in the early days of and however the developers managed to earn enough money in order to get enough servers to support the game and do not cause any lag. One of the other main reasons why you will be experiencing lag may be because you are playing on mods. These mods are working on private servers and there is nothing to do only but increasing the amount of the servers.

However in case you are playing the game through your mobile phones or other mobile devices you may still experience lag due to the poor internet connection. You can think about connecting to your Wi-Fi with your mobile device in order to eliminate the lag problem that you are facing. It will possibly help you to get rid of it.

Another thing that we can advise you to is check the system settings of your laptop in case you are playing without your laptop is plugged in. Change your settings to high performance from the battery saver mode. In this way you can easily eliminate the lag problems and start having great time again by playing against other players.

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