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New Mods Extension

Is There Any Mods Extension?

Since game is quite a new game which is few weeks old there are few mods on the internet that are offered to players however we know that many developers are working on their own mods and they will launch them soon. Right now there are only two mods and all of them are in the latest version. You can reach to these mods through our website and install them on your browsers in order to increase the amount of the fun you receive from game.

As we mentioned earlier all of the current mods are in their latest version which results with there is no any mods extension for your right now. Whenever you will download and install one of these mods or you can download both of them at the same time they will come up with full features. You can learn the details of these mods and what they offer to you in our related articles.

The mods extension will help you to upgrage your mods whenever the developer of that specific mod will require an update but most of the developers automatically update their mods which you do not even realize it. We believe that the two current mods will be enough for you now in order to make you have good time with their zoom hack and other additional features.

You can play without any mods however since the sight means everything in game it will be better for you to take the advantage of these mods.


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