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Play on Private Servers

Play on Private Servers for More Fun

In the event that you have played one of the older io games before and become addicted to it probably you will already know that we mean with the private servers. But for those players who do not know what it means yet, let us make a brief description in order to let them have a better understanding about the game and the hacks.

The private servers allow you to run the hacks on them. It is possible to play on any private server by installing the mods that we have shared in the mods category. There are only two working private servers on the internet for now however the number of these servers will increase in the future just like they were in the other io games.

Let’s assume that you are willing to take the advantage of the zoom hack. Then you will have to download one of the mods which has this feature in it. Once you download and install it on your browser with the additional tools then you will be able to play on the private servers where the zoom hack is coded and you can use it.

Of course this hack will be available to everyone playing on the same private servers but it will be up to the players to whether they will use that hack or not. Most of the players take the advantage of such hack with the help of their mouse wheel but this option may vary from one mod to another mod.

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