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As we know, is one of the most different online browser games. Currently, there are millions of people who constantly play game all over the world. The most common reason for to be prefered much is its unique gameplay and extremely easy controls. To put it briefly, you try to capture as many boxes as you can and add them to your territory in order to reach the highest point in the game. It is not easy as you might think, even if you control your character very easily, you may easily get killed by anyone crosses the line you are drawing in order to capture the boxes. 

Apart from these, there are dozens of mods that you can find on the web. We can consider these mods as alternative games of original mods are created by adding several hacks and additional features to the original game in order just to make more fun of the game. Players find playing in moded servers with hacks such as zooming, new skills, new skins and more, much fun compared to the original game. So don’t wait, download mods and join this big adventure.

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