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Play, The New Addictive Game

New Addictive Game game is one of the new trends of the online gaming world and you do not need to sign up in order to play All you have to do is set up a nickname before you start to play and start playing the game with millions of people.

You start to play as a small ball where you are trying to claim as much as land you can in order to increase your score. However in the event that any player will cross your line while you are on the way back to your area, you will be eliminated and you will have to start from the beginning. Other players are able to claim your territories by moving on them and coming their area back. In order to claim an area you will have to travel a distance and go back to your area before someone crosses the line you left behind. As soon as you go back to your area, the surface which will be remained inside will belong to you.

new-addictive-game-splix-io game is quite fun to play and each of the players have their unique colors. It is quite similar to other io games such as and It is possible to spend hours without noticing the time.

Play in order to keep up with the latest trends since this game already had more than one millions of players just in a week. It is possible to find out more about the hacks in our website where you can also play it. If you have ever tried game before, let us know what you are thinking about it by leaving a comment to this article so you can guide the other players.

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