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Top Moded Servers game is one new games that is played by millions of players and it attracts attention due to its simple game logic. Even there are millions of players playing on original servers there are much more people playing on moded servers which is impossible to calculate. However it is estimated that the total number of the players can exceed five millions.

In the event that you are looking for moded servers then you can find the top two servers on our website in the mods category. The rest of the mods on the internet are not worthy to spend time with them however these two moded servers are quite fun to play And we have heard rumors that some of the well known mod developers arre currently working on their new moded servers.

If you do not know that is game then let usgive you brief description about it. You will play as a small ball in however unlike other io games you do not grow in size in order to increase your score. You will claim lands by travelling on the map with the help of your arrow keys. You have a specific color and you will leave a line behind of yourself whenever you will go out of your zone.

It is possible to eliminate players in by crossing on this lines with your ball. When a player will be eliminated his lands will disappear on the map. The more land you will claim by travelling your ball, the more score you will have in total. Again you will be aiming to rank in the top 10 list of the game.

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