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What are the Moded Servers?

The game is the phenomeon of the internet and millions of people already become addicted to it. Even we are spending many hours on the game in order to get rid of the stress of the day by competing with other players from all around the world. The moded game is one of the great ways in order to increase the amount of your fun since these moded servers allow you to use many different features which are developed by the developers.

These developers are freelance developers who like the game or want to improve their coding skills. Right now there are only two moded games which are worth to play and we have already shared them in our mods category. You can check these games and start having fun and even play with us on the same servers by downloading and installing them.


According to rumors there are dozens of developers who are working on moded versions and they will probably began to launch their final versions after they will complete the tests in few weeks. We are keeping in touch with some of these developers and will be offering you the new moded games as soon as they will be released where you will drirectly be able to download them from their source.

Until then you have to play these two moded servers in order to have fun. Both of the games are quite good and their servers are crowded enough to play with many players from all around the world as well as the servers are quite fast which will mean that you will not experience any lag at all.

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