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Best Mods for Google Chrome

Most of the people already began to take the advantage of the mods google chrome which can be activiated and let you play on the private servers through an add-on that you will add to your browser. Sadly there are only two mods which are worth to download and play where we alsa shared them with you in our mods category.

You can find the download links of these mods google chrome as well as the required add-on to run the script. We bet you will have great time by playing game with these mods. As you know is growing with a great pace since the other io games began to lose their users. Most of these players prefer to play game which has similar mechanics but different purpose. For instance you will not have to grow in size any more and in fact you will not be able to do so even if you want. However instead of it you will grow the lands you own on the map in order to increase your score and rank on the top 10 list.

It is possible to cross and capture the other players’ lands without letting them notice it. The only way to be eliminated in this game is that you should not let anyone cross on your line which you leave behind while travelling on the map. If anyone will cross your line then you will be eliminated and start from the start however you can reduce the possibility of being eliminated by other players by using mods google chrome which will be installed on your browser.

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