Menu Mods (Zoom – Stop Button and More) Mod by Mistik

Greetings dear visitors, we will provide some information about one of the new trending games of the gaming world. managed to have 100 millions of players and now a new game developed by the same developers which managed to perform the same beginning with The name of this beautiful and trending game is game already had millions of players within few weeks and it has the same logic but totally different goals.



p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt”>You can find detailed information about the game in our website since this article is totally dedicated to mods. You can find the mod download button at the end of the article but before it let us inform you what will be waiting you in this mod developed by mistik. In the event that you have used any mods before mods than you know what they do but for those who have never use before let us give you a brief information. mods do not provide any hack which will provide advantage to you however it offers additional features such as zooming in and out which are handy while you are playing


It is much more easy to play the game with mods and almost all of the players take the advantage of these scprits. No matter which popular web browser you are using, there is an extension that will allow you to install and use mods. You can also find those useful extensions at the end of our article. So let’s play! Let us know what do you think about this mod, so that our other visitors can benefit from your valuable comments.


  • – Ingame chat
  • – Zoom in/out [Scroll bar]
  • – Play-with-friends feature
  • – Keyboard commands coming soon! Mod Download 

How to install user scripts?

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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Overall good except this script fucks the map, its unreadable… can’t see shit whats happening in the map…

  2. Avatar Anon says:

    Otherwise nice, but it fucks up the map…

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