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As you know game is the new phenomenon of the internet and gaming world. The number of the players are increasing in each day and it already reached to millions in the first weeks the game launched. You do not aim to grow in size in this game like or All you are trying to do is increase the area of your territory. The game will give you a color at the beginning and a small piece of land. You will be controlling a small ball where you move it with the help of your arrow keys on the keyboard.

You will travel with these keys and whenever you come back to your own territory you will claim the lands you have travelled. However other players can cross on your lands and get those from you by applying the same strategy and you can do the same to them. Whenever you will find someone on the way to his lands, if you cross on their lines which they leave behind before they reach to their lands you will eliminate those players.

It is a good strategy to increase your chance to rank in the top 10 list of game. When the game become so popular all around the world. The developers began to develop mods which offer additional features to you such as zoom hack. You can even stop moving on your lands and in this way whenever you will have an urgent call to answer, you won’t need to be eliminated by the other players. As you know game is an online multiplayer game and it will not be possible to pause it without any mods.

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