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Private Servers of game had been launched a few weeks ago and most of the gaming websites began to promote this game as a new era in io games. With the help of these promotion being carried out in many websites, the game managed to have more than one million players in the first three days it was launched and many websites began to offer private server to their visitors. The game has the same logic with the and however it totally has a new concept where you are trying to capture a land on the map.


However other players are able to eliminate you while you are working to capture a territory on the map. You will be a small ball in where your sizes will never grow. You can give directions to your ball with the help of the arrow keys on the keyboard and once you start travelling you have to go back to your territory in order to claim there. However other players are able to capture your lands too while you are trying to add new areas to your territory. The score in has the direct proportion with the territory you own. In the event that any other players will cross on your line while you are trying to get a new territory and not reach your own land back. There are many private servers on the web and you can start playing on our website right now.

We believe that you will like this game a lot and in the event that you have played or before you will be familiar with the mechanics. This game is fun to play and it is one of the greatest ways to spend some of your free time. You can start playing on private servers now in order to give a shot to this brand new game which is also developed by the same developers. We believe that you will love this game too.


  1. you go around trying to kill people by running into them when they are out of there color of block and you try to go around collecting blocks but if some one runs into you your dead

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