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Best Tips game is one of the new phonemeon game of the internet world and it seems like it will catch the popularity of soon. As you know launched few weeks ago and had more than one millions of people in this short period of time. You play as a small ball where you try to claim as much as area you can. You travel with the help of your arrow keys on your keyboard and once you go back to your territory and touch your lands you will claim the area you travelled. However when any other player will across the line you left behind on your ball, you will be eliminated and have to start from the beginning.


Since game is a quite new game there is nothing much to talk in terms of the tips however by using the mods you can have the biggest advantage. Because the area you see on the map is limited, the biggest advantage will be a wider view. You can ensure this feature by using the bots. So that you will have more control on the map and avoid from the possible dangers. In addition to these if you have any further tips that you want to share with us and our visitors, you can leave a comment to this article. Do not forget that you can play from our website now.

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