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Splixio Game Guide for Beginners

Splixio Game Guide for New Players

In the event that you have just explored the splixio game we can easily say that you didn’t miss to much thing since the splixio game launched few weeks ago. The game is quite new game but the number of the players playing the game already reached to millions and the number of these players are increasing rapidly in each passing day. This is why we decided to share some tips about the splixio game.

First of all we will begin with the purpose of the game which is having the most score on the map just like the other io games on the internet. However unlike to other io games you do not grow in size in splixio game. You will be claiming lands for yourself and you will have to grow the amount of the lands you own on the map.

Of course it is not that much easy as it sounds since other splixio players will be crossing on your lands and get them while you will be dealing somewhere on the other part of your lands. This is why it will be good for you to take the advantage of splixio mods which offer the splixio zoom hack options. In this way you will have a wider view on the map and see what is going on.

Try not to be greedy in splixio game and always claim small lands. In the event that you will travel far away from your area then the chance of being eliminated by other player will increase too. You have to cross the line left by the balls behind them in order to eliminate any player. Once you will cross on their lands their splixio session will be over and all lands will disappear from the map.

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