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The New Splix Game

Here is the New Phenomenon of io Games, Splix

Are you bored from playing the new games all the time? The splix io can be a great solution for you then. Splix also developed by the same developers and got more players than when compared with the first two weeks after the game launched. It is quite fun to play and this time you score will be affected by the moves of other opponents immediately.



p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt”>You start to play splix as a small ball where you will never grow in size however you will be trying to claim areas for yourself by travelling this small ball. You leave a line behind of your ball as you move and when you come back to your area back -no matter to which part you will arrive- you will claim the region you travelled and which will be left in the inner side of the line you left behind yourself. Splix may seem very easy until now however you should know that other players can cross on your lands and claim those areas for themselves. This means that you have to both play aggressive to claim as much as land you can and play defensive to lose less area.


In the event that you will cross someone’s line in splix which he or she left behind then you will eliminate that player. However you do not earn any bonus or score for doing so. All you will do is eliminate one of your rivals. Vision is everything in splix game and this is why you may consider to download one of the splix mods that we have shared on our website. These splix mods will help you to have a wider view with splix zoom hack and thus your performance will increase in general.

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