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The Gameplay

How is the Gameplay is considered as one of the most popular games which is behind its pioneer however if the trend towards the game will continue like this, it will easily pass the soon. In this article we will talk about the gameplay for those who didn’t play yet.

In fact gameplay is much more easy when compared with the other io series such as and The biggest difference is you do not try to grow in size in game. You will start as a small ball and regardless of your score, your ball will be in the same size. Well how can you increase your score if you are not growing in size? In the gameplay you will be trying to claim lands for yourself. You will control your ball with the help of the arrow keys and travel on the map. Whenever you will come back to your lands you will claim the area you travelled which will be left in the inner side of the line you will leave behind your back.

As you travel there will be a line left behind you starting from the point you started to travelling. The gameplay is quite easy since all you have to do is use the arrow keys unless you will use some of the mods that we have shared on our website. Some of these mods include a zoom hack which you can use it with the scroll button of your mouse. game will give a random color which will be different from all of your opponents and you will be trying to claim as much as land you can in order to rank on the scoreboard. One of the things that you need to know about the gameplay is, you will be eliminated whenever any of your opponents cross on the line you will left behind. In addition to these you are allowed to pass to the territories of your opponents and claim their land as yours.

The game is quite fun to play and you can give a try to this new game through our website as well as you can download one of the two available mods on the internet.

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