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The Mods Extensions

Find Out the Mods Extensions game is increasing its fame in each passing day and the new mods began to be launched one by one by the developers. We have provided these mods extensions in our websites already yet there is only two mods which are worth to try and clean. You can visit our mods category and find out which mods these are then you can download and play the game through these mods extensions and have more fun from playing the game.

These mods extensions have some features such as zoom hack and those who worry and do not use the hacks have nothing to worry about. In fact you do not have any advantage by using these mods extensions since everyone on that server will be using the same features. This means that any single hack can be used by other players who will be your opponent in your game. Thus you do not get any advantage, all you do is playing the same game with additional features.

The mods extensions are great means in order to increase the amount of the fun you get from the game therefore it will be possible for you to spend much better time by playing these games however it will be worth to note that these types of mods extensions can be highly addictive.

These types of mods extensions are being developed by the developers all the time and in line with the rumors we have heard, many developers are working on their mods extensions with great futures and they will launch them soon.

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  1. how do download it? i somehow lost my old zoom mod, witch made me a VERY powerful player. i cant play as (MG) pathing thro! if i dont have the same skill. i need to be able to see the map i used to. LET ME FIND A MOD ALREADY! IVE BEEN LOOKING SO LONG

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