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Things You Wonder About Gameplay

Details of the Gameplay

The gameplay is a little bit different than the way we get use to with the other io games however they are not that much hard to get too. First of all you will not grow in size in order to increase your score however you will do that with the amount of the territory you will claim with your ball. There are few hacks on the internet which you can take the advantage of in order to ensure a fast growth but keep in mind that all players playing on that private servers will have the same advantages.

There is nothing specific you need to know about the gameplay but let us provide you the basics for it. You will use your arrow keys to move your ball and whenever you will travel and come back to your own land you will claim the distance that you have travelled. Moreover in the gameplay, you will be eliminated in case you or any other player will cross the line you leave behind of your ball. You can also claim other players’ lands too

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