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As you know game is the new trend in online browser based games after and as much as it seems, it is doing very good so far. It already had millions of players right after its release and it requires much more attention and strategies while you are playing However although you may adopt the best strategies or have very high reflexes, those who will be using mods will be always one step further than you due to the additional features they will have.

Zoom option is very important in game since you need a wider view on what is going on the map. In the event that you will have a chance to see the map from a wider view than you can adop better strategies and acquire more land at a time which will result in with higher score in a shorter time. You can download hacks through our website as well as start to play whenever you want.


You will be a small ball which will never grow in size unlike however you will try to claim territories by using your small ball. You will start from a standard land which belongs to you and give directions to your ball with the help of the arrow keys. Once you will come back to your territory you will claim the land which will be located inside of the distance you have travelled. is the new madness on browsed based online games and you can keep up with this new trend by start playing whenever you want through our website with mods. We believe that you will be addicted to game in the event that you are looking for another game and bored from or Let us know what you are thinking about this new game after you try it by leaving us a comment on this article. extension (zoom, stop-button, play-with-friends)


  • – Stop cell [P key]
  • – Zoom in/out [Scroll bar]
  • – Play-with-friends
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