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What are the Controls?

The Controls game is one of the best games ever developed in recent times and probably this is the main reason it aleady had more than millions of players in a week. It is an online web browser based strategy game where you can have great times with your friends. Many people are looking for guides on the internet nowadays and in this article we will provide you some information about the controls and also some mods.

In the original game the controls are quite simple. You do not need to use your mouse in order to control your ball like in all other io games however this time you will have to use your arrow keys on your keyboard. You give direction to your little ball with the help of these arrow keys as default controls.

However in the event that you will download and install any mod these controls may vary according to the additional features that are being offered on the mod. For instance if you will check out mods page you will see two new mods where they offer zoom hack. In order to use this hack you will have to use the mouse wheel of your mouse or the relevant area in your touch pad as controls. In general it is quite easy to control your ball in game but the thing that you should worry about must be your opponents.

You can try to play through our website and we believe that you will like this new game. Let us know what do you think about it after you play

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