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The Look to Gameplay

In fact is the new trend of the internet world and it is multiplayer web browser based online game. You do not have to sign up in order to play All you will have to do is set up a nickname before you start playing it and hit the play button. is quite simple game where you start as a small ball. You give directions to your ball with the help of the arrow keys and your ball will leave a line behind it as you move. As soon as you go back to your own area, the surface which will be left in the inner side will be claimed by you and your score will increase. In case any of the players will cross on your line before you come back to your area, you will be eliminated by those players.


You have to stay away from your enemies as much as you can and in the event that you will have a chance to cross their lines, do it with attention. Every player can eliminate each other regardless of their scores. There are bots in all of the games ending with the io however the importance of mods are quite much more than any other game. You will need a wider view on your screen in order to avoid any possible dangers.

You can download mods through our website in order to have such additional features so that you will improve your gameplay and have an advantage when compared with those who do not use the mods. mods are also known as hacks and our developer team is working hard on the game in order provide you the latest and up to date hacks. So in the event that you are looking for one, keep following us since there are limited days left to launch our hack.

You can play through our website and compete with millions of other players from all around the world.

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