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What is This Splix Game?

Learn More About the Splix Game

Probably you have already heard the word splix and something at the end of it from the people around you. In the event that you are wondering what they are talking about here is your answer. You will find quite useful information in this article if you are willing to learn more about the splix game and keep up with the trends among the community.

The splix game is one of the trending games among millions of people with the original name of game. The game has a very simple logic with simple control options. You will be controlling a ball which leaves a line behind of it. You are trying to claim as much as land you can in order to increase your score to rank in the top leaderboard of the game.

Splix game is quite fun to play and in the event that you have plenty of time to spend then this game should be your first address. You have to travel on the map and go back to your own lands in order to claim the area that you have traveled. It sounds quite simple but it is not that much easy at all. Other players are able to cross on your lands and claim your own lands for themselves.

It is possible to eliminate any player by crossing their lines which they leave behind themselves. This means that, a player is travelling on the map and will return to his own lands in order to claim that area. However when you cross their lines you will cause them to be eliminated and all of the area belonging to them will disappear on the map in splix game. You can try this game and see how addicted it is.

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